Shuhei NAKAGAWAPresident and CEO, as-earth Co., Ltd.


If you want to open a ramen shop, why not meet him? I was told by my master in the food and beverage industry.
For me, in the midst of developing products to open a ramen shop specializing in soy sauce ramen, which soy sauce to use was a major part of daily trial and error.
I was initially thinking of blending soy sauces.
Each soy sauce has a taste unique to its region and “kura (storehouse)” and the taste comes out directly.
By blending multiple flavors, you can easily produce complex flavors and depths.
That’s when I came across Kajita Shoten.
In the present, it is said that good soy sauce can be produced within 6 months while keeping the traditional manufacturing method.
However, the soy sauce here is produced over a process of one year and a half.
Mr. Yasutsugu KAJITA, who is one year older than me, explained such manufacturing methods carefully in the order of process.



Born in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture in 1976. Became interested in "ramen" while staying in New Zealand on a Working Holiday for one year and wanted to spread the taste of ramen. Opened “Mensen shoyu bo, Shuhei” in Matsuyama City in 2005. Advance to Hong Kong in 2012. Winner of Bib Gourmand for six consecutive years since 2013 in the Michelin Guide. Afterwards, franchised and expanded stores in Japan and overseas. In 2018, listed on the TSE TOKYO PRO Market. From the time of opening of business, no chemical seasonings are added in their products. Their concept, "We did not need chemical seasonings when seeking good taste” and body safe products come naturally.

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