To live, is to eat

“Eating” leads to all lives. Simple and commonplace.
That is why we take this seriously.

We nurture our own lives by eating.
Have you ever thought of what your body is made of?
Thinking back, the answer to that would be, “what did I eat?”.
You may have heard the phrase “healthy eating” or “food is medicine”. This is indeed true, and we believe that “’food’ is the biggest self-investment you can do for your future self”.
“What to eat?” can be decided at your own will.

Where did the dish that I chose come from? What are the ingredients, how has it been produced to become this dish? Wouldn’t you would want to eat what is safe and body-friendly?

At Kajita Shoten, we not only add “delicious”, “relief”, and “safe” feelings but also our “energy”, and the “passion” of our raw material producers we purchase from and strive to produce products which offer “joy” and ‘happiness” to our customers.